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TPSI is a proud Representative of the EAGL Gunshot System

The ONLY Gunshot Detection System, in the world, that is 100% ACCURATE with NO FALSE ALARMS! 

Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy in response to Sandy Hook.

No other gunshot detection system has this technology.

Winner of the ASTORS Platinum Award for "Best Gunshot Solution"

Time is Everything!

* Average time of an active shooter event is 12 minutes

* Average time before the 1st 911 call is made is 5 minutes

* Average time for police arrival to scene is 5 to 15 minutes

EAGL will verify, lockdown, sound alarms, notify 911 and

building staff in less than 20 seconds!

So accurate it will report the caliber of weapon fired!

Wireless Sensors Cover Large Areas

EAGL sensors are wireless so no hole drilling or wire installation needed.

Batteries lifespan are 7 years.

EAGL sensors cover larger areas than competitors so fewer are needed,

    thus less expensive than other systems on the market.

Easily integrated with most existing security and camera systems.

Benefit to Law Enforcement Response - Paramount!

Without a 100% accurate gunshot detection system the police respond with little or no information about the shooter(s) or their location in the building. Response has been greatly delayed because of this.

With EAGL in place police will know that it is a verified event, live camera feeds can be activated so police can see where the shooter(s) is located and what they look like.

A layout of the  building, showing the location of the detected shots, can be viewed by responding law enforcement so response plans can be made immediately.

Where should EAGL be Deployed?


College Campuses

Office Buildings

Transportation Facilities (Airports, Bus Depots)

Government Buildings

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Sporting Event and Entertainment Venues

Critical Infrastructure


Allows you to implement your protocols, training and emergency response immediately, not 15 to 20 minutes later.


                                                  In less than 20 seconds!




We will gladly provide a presentation in person or online on the EAGL System

Free Estimates

Provide us with a design layout of the building(s) you would be interested in protecting with the EAGL system and our engineers will provide you with an estimate of costs and installation recommendations at NO COST.

We will provide testimonials

Upon request, we will provide testimonials from the entities that have installed the EAGL Gunshot Detection system.  


(888) 251-7440

Request a Live Fire Demonstration

When possible, EAGL will demonstrate the system in a live fire setting. 



COPS Office Grant for School Violence Prevention K-12

Upcoming Grants

There will be another grant in the 2nd quarter for K-12 private and public schools.

There will be grant funding for higher education shortly after. 

We will post as soon as it is available.

Grant and Funding Information

We will continue to post grants and funding to assist with placement of this technology in schools, houses of worship and other soft target locations as we become aware of it. We will include State funding as we locate it. If anyone is aware of anything that is not posted here, please drop us a line and we will make sure it is added.

EAGL Gunshot Detection and Lockdown Syste,

Check out this great video


Since this news report the system has been deployed in numerous schools and college campuses, including Wisconsin's 2nd largest school district.