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David J. Rogers is enrolled with the Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho. His father was from the Winnebago Tribe in Nebraska. With over 40 years of experience in the Criminal Justice field, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. David's police experience has spanned 20 years with city, country, federal and tribal law enforcement agencies. He has held positions that include Lieutenant, Captain, Under-Sheriff and Chief of Police, including Chief of his own Tribe from 2013-2016. He served as a Probation Officer and Court Commissioner for Clark County District Courts in Vancouver, Washington for 9 years. He was the Tribal Law Enforcement Training Manager for the Western Community Policing Center (Oregon) and the Criminal Justice Center for Innovation at Fox Valley Technical College in Wisconsin for a combined 13 years.  During this time David created and ran the National Indian Youth Police Academy and the Tribal Probation Academy, both highly innovative programs to promote public safety in Indian Country.  David specializes in Community Policing, Youth Gangs, Drug Trafficking, Indian Country Jurisdiction, Victims of Crime among many other areas. He has spoken at conferences and training across the county and has lectured at the Hendon Police Academy in London.

Douglas R. Nash retired on July 1, 2014 as the Director of the Center for Indian Law and Policy at Seattle University School of Law where he served as Director of the Institute for Indian Estate Planning and Probate beginning in 20015. He established the center in 2009. he is a member of the Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho and is a graduate of the University of New Mexico School of Law. He has practiced Indian law since 1971 in numerous capacities including the U.S. Department of the Interior - Office of the Solicitor's Honors Program; staff attorney with the Native American Rights Fund; and 14 years of private practice where he represented the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation as General Counsel and also represented the Tribe's housing project and prosecuted criminal cases before the tribal court. From 1999-2005 Mr. Nash was head of the Indian Law Practice Group at Holland and Hart, llp. He served as Associate Professor of Law at the University of Idaho College of Law. Her serves as a judge in a variety of capacities for the Warm Springs, Tulalip, Nez Perce, Sauk-Suiattle, Grand Ronde and Nooksack Tribes. He has been a member of the New Mexico, Oregon and Washingto bars and is admitted to practice before the state and federal courts in those states, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit and the United States Supreme Court. 

Josh Franken is enrolled with the Moapa River Tribe. He has an extensive background in policing with training. He was inducted into the Police Hall of Fame and was awarded the Purple Heart. He holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice and has been honored  and recognized several times. Josh is a Senior Instructor and Black Belt at the Takemusukai Aikido School instructing protective measures and life skills. His martial arts training include Aikido, Judo, Jujitsu, Eskrima/Kali stick fighting, boxing and Muay Thai. He has developed several programs specific to Native American communities and has instructed nationwide to Tribal police, probation and court officers as well as office staff and others. He programs include concepts such as assertion without aggression, ground defense, awareness, close quarters combat, edged weapons defense, mind set, de-escalation techniques, communications and report writing. Josh has worked for both tribal and non-tribal law enforcement agencies and served as adjunct faculty at the Oregon Police Academy.

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